Monday, November 23, 2009

What a morning!!! I was trying to help the furnace guy out and try and keep the kids (Elijah and Hudson, Elijah's cousin) upstairs and out of the way. I decided we'd go play in Elijah's room for a while. They were getting along so well that I decided I'd sneak into the office and get my daily, hourly....okay minute by minute fix of facebook. I kept hearing noise but I just assumed it was Doug, the furnace guy. Nope! I hear Elijah yell, "it's okay mommy, we're fine!" Of course this presented much concern so I darted in there and found Elijah in his little chair with a fish net in one hand and the fish food in the other. He was drenched head to toe, mildly exaggerated. He had managed to lift the lid to the fish tank and decided he'd be a big helper and feed Tuck, Ming Ming, and Linney II (he is Linney the II b/c little Linney the first was too little to hold his own so he was we thought). Yesterday we went and purchased a much bigger Linney II. Elijah was feeding the fish or shall I say forcing them to be gluttons by the amount of food that was floating in the tank, he was stirring the tank with the fish know just like when we make pancakes so he said! He had stirred so hard that the suctioned plants were floating and up pops Linney the first! Apparently he had buried himself under the rocks and was rescued during the mixing of the pancake batter!!!! Needless to say, the kids went straight to bed, although I am not convinced Hudson really played a part in the scheme, and perhaps I should have been in there with them. Oh well, the truth is out. I'm a terrible mother! Shew!!!!!!!!! The joys of motherhood! However, I would not trade it for the world. It's just one of those moments that God is paying us back for all the mischief we did as children!

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